Patient Engagement For Providers

Engage your patients with CareClinic: Virtual Health Management (VHM)

Amplify your Practice

  • Keep track of assessments
  • Simplify complex health regimens
  • Schedule secure video or async communication
  • Improve health outcomes easily and quickly
  • Quickly asses your patients complete health in one place on mobile or desktop
  • Scale your business from remote management
  • Engage with clients and keep them on track to reinforce the value you are delivering

Engage with your patients

  • Help patients track and manage their routine
  • Help patients improve adherence to routine through reminders
  • Improve patient safety, reduce patient biases
  • Create surveys for patient populations and deploy them easily
  • Remote check-in of patient health for value-based care
  • Message patients securely
  • Provide interventions in time of need if needed
  • Monitor ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes) based on your treatment

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