CareClinic Premium Features

Wondering all the features that are included in CareClinic premium, here are the main ones:

  • Add unlimited items to Medications, Nutrition, Activities, and other modules
  • Unlimited Reminders – Add unlimited reminders for medications and all of the above-listed modalities
  • Reminder Tones – Have access to unlimited reminder sounds within the app
  • Unlimited Care Contacts – Remote monitor or provide access to your account to unlimited care providers
  • Unlimited Effects, Synergies and Interactions – Between supplements and drugs
  • Unlimited Care Plans – create as many care plans as you like for various goals, or for others like seniors or kids
  • Unlimited Tracker functionality – Many trackers with restrictions such as Activities, Factors removed
  • Unlimited Immunization records
  • Unlimited Goals
  • Unlimited Symptoms & Conditions
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Journaling – Use unlimited prompts
  • Reports – See unlimited correlations
  • No ads
  • Premium Support

And much more!