Patient Engagement Solutions for Health Care Providers

CareClinic’s Professional App works well for Private Practices, Occupational Health & Case Management, Healthcare Systems & Hospitals and even Corporate Wellness.


Patient Engagement Solutions for Organizations

Private Practices – Boost patient engagement with built-in content, tracking and sharing capabilities with patients. Pharmacies, Care Clinics, Sleep Clinics, Pain Clinics

Occupational health & Case Management – Scalable patient-facing onboarding and triage for better workflow

Healthcare Systems & Hospitals – Improve clinician workflow and patient experience

Corporate Wellness – Provide tools to keep employees healthy especially for self-insured companies



Benefits for HCP

Help patients track and manage their routine

Help patients improve adherence to routine through reminders

Improve patient safety, reduce patient biases

Create surveys for patient populations and deploy them easily

Remote check-in of patient health for value-based care

Message patients securely

Provide interventions in time of need if needed

Monitor ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes) based on your treatment


Features & Functionality for HCP

HIPAA complaint


Patient Log

Provider Log


PatientConnect Dashboard access

Secure Messaging

Pain Threshold setup


Secure Messaging

Push notification

Care Plan PUSH/listing in Store


CareClinic Functionality – An all-in-one customizable outpatient App


Built-in library of Care Plans, create as many as needed

Built-in database of Medications, Supplements, Activities, Therapies, Symptoms, Nutrition, Vitals, Sleep

Modular design for all trackers above along with Journaling options

Modules for Care Teams, Reminders, Care Plans, Appointments, Goals, Conditions, Immunizations, Pharmacy

Built-in forms such as: Edmonton Assessment Scale, Epworth sleepiness scale

Reports in Log format, Charts, Correlations

Medication Interaction and Effects

Reminders for Medications to Symptoms, but also check-in reminders for Symptoms and Measurements

Built-in reminder sounds, email reminders, persistent reminders (if snoozed), generic reminders, refill reminders

Create patient groups for internal discussions

Collect payments for care plans, consults, packages directly with CareClinic EasyPay

Conduct video calls with payments directly within the App


Privacy, Security and convenience through Touch ID password protection

Localized to 14 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Danish, Indonesian, Norwegian

Measurement units in Metric or Imperial

Cross-platform works on the web, tablet, Android and iOS iPhone’s

Works with or without active internet connection (Online or Offline)

Syncs and backups patient’s data safely via SSL on an encrypted server in North America

300+ iterations of App to help ensure high user engagement through validated UI/UX

Accessibility functionality using Siri, bubble notifications, native mobile search, AI image recognition for data entry

Wearable Integrations with Apple Health and Google Fit

Ability to integrate into some EHR’s, PMS, and Booking systems


Use cases

Acupuncture Clinics, Pain Clinics, Sleep Clinics, Chiropractor Clinics, Medical clinics, Integrative Medicine Clinics, Clinical Trials (ePRO)

Example clinic: Kingsway Clinic, One Stop Medical Clinic



Branded Regular (Patient accounts are not upgraded)

$1,195/year includes setup with PatientConnect dashboard

Branded Premium (Patient accounts upgraded)

$1,995 for setup with PatientConnect dashboard

Supports 100 patients/year with premium functionality

Additional $600/100 patients paid annually

  • $20m additional practitioner
  • Ability to collaborate with other clinicians in the same clinic


White Label Solution (Full upgrade + Full white label solution under provider account)

$9,998 for setup 100 patients/year

Additional users $1200/100 patients

Custom development available


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