October 25, 2020

Pain Clinics

Collect and remotely monitor patient-reported outcomes while empowering patients with self-management


Managing chronic pain is complex

High no-show and cancellation rates

Difficulty measuring and monitoring progress

Pain and function are subjective and hard to track between visits

Difficult to measure

Dependencies on medications

Lack of safe alternatives and self-management tools

Challenging to keep patients engaged so they return


You cannot manage
what you cannot measure or monitor
The current approach to measuring pain and function uses paper-based questionnaires:
Time-intensive to deploy and digitize
Prone to errors of omission
Burdensome for patients to complete
Limited frequency of outcome collection


HIPAA / PIPEDA Compliant
End-to-end encryption ensures the safety and security of all data

Fully Customizable – Questionaaires and reports can be adapted to fit your clinic’s needs

Powerful Analytics
Clinically-relevant events are flagged using advanced analytics


Collecting patient-reported outcomes has never been easier
Digital Questionnaires
Can be requested, completed, and viewed within portal without the need for paper
Library of Clinically-validated Tools
Over 30 pain-related clinically-validated tools are already tested and ready to go
Customized Questionnaires
Any form can be created to meet the unique needs of any clinic


Unprecedented engagement and satisfaction
Chronic pain patients are willing to try Manage My Pain and use it regularly
73% willing to try the app
(at urban, community care, and rural clinics)
63% continue using at least 30 days
(top performing health apps average 15%)
88% find it easy to use
(only 1 person out of 98 said it was difficult to use)