Health Progress Reports

What are Health Progress Reports?

As the name states, it is a report that renders your adherence to your care plan and the results. Progress reports are useful in determining what has worked and what has not. Progress Reports also contain correlations which let you learn more about your triggers if any and helps you understand cause-and-effect type relationships in your care plan.

Secondary benefit of looking over Health Progress Reports is to have it readily shareable electronically or be able to print it to share with your primary care giver or any other care provider so everyone in your circle of care can be in the loop on the progress of your health.


Asher is the Founder of CareClinic. He is passionate about fixing health care and routinely hosts a self-care podcast with experts in a variety of health fields. He intends to use his skills to make managing health easier for everyone by leveraging AI to address the deficiencies in the current healthcare system.