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Build a more resilient organization

Unanticipated absenteeism directly and indirectly related to workplace stress and

costs approximately $602 per worker per year. 

Why Choose CareClinic for Work


CareClinic’s platform helps prevent, reverse and even slow the progression of chronic illness within health plan populations and large-scale employers. We are a tech-enabled disease prevention company focused on healthy habit change.


The CareClinic platform offers personalized programs for hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, weight loss and Mental health. Transform sick insurance from “recovery after risk” to “prevention of risk”.


Our technology leverages machine learning, sensors, low-cost genome sequencing to detect, prevent and provide treatment options before any costs are incurred. We prevent “pre-chronic” from becoming “chronic”.

How We Enable Healthy Habit Change


Easy Rollout


Global Coverage


High Engagement


Priority Support Included


Detailed Dashboard


Crossplatform & Customizable

Why employees love CareClinic

Guided Care Plans

Help employees utilize pre-made care plans for 100’s of health conditions and goals designed by clinicians.

Reach Health Goals

Join others who are using CareClinic to get better sleep, reach fitness goals and improving medical adherence all within one app.

Sleep Better

Get access to soundscapes, sleep care plans and sleep tracking capabilities to optimize your sleep hygiene.

Reduce Stress

Practice mindfullness using the many care plans, soundscapes, and stress management reports to help determine and improve your stress levels.

Enhance Wellbeing

Gather full insights on what’s working and what’s not. Leverage safety alerts and warnings, reminders and many other tools to optimize your outcome.

Engage in the Community

Managing your health and sharing your troubles can be easier when shared privately with others. Take part in the community which is also monitored by Clinicians. 

Smart Data Integrations

Set reminders to log your symptoms, medication intake, activity levels automatically, manually, with wearables or using voice and widgets. We take accessibility seriously.

Track & Manage your complete wellness

Enable and or disable any module or tracker within the app to customize your entire health. Take it a step further and manage the health of your dependents directly from the app as well.

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