Caregiver App: Different Types of Caregivers & Caretakers

caregiver app

The most basic unit of society is the family. Caregiving is the activity or profession of regularly looking after a child with special needs or a sick, elderly, or disabled person of a family or amongst friends. Similar to other developed nations, the dependant population in need of caregivers is increasing in northern America.…

Self Harm Tracker – Improving Your Wellbeing

Self Harm Tracker
Another week or month has passed, you’ve made zero progress on your health goals and now the negativity has led you towards self harm.

Deep down you know your health is important, but you aren’t taking consistent action.

Most of the time you’re having deep thoughts and feelings…How strong are they?…

PMS Cycle Tracker To Manage PMS Symptoms

pms Cycle Tracker

Are you someone who faces a lot of symptoms before your menstruation cycle? If you are a woman you probably experienced PMS at some point in your life. It is becoming increasingly prevalent for people to start using menstruation cycle trackers.…