Chronic Disease Management and Thriving with Limited Energy

chronic disease management

On July 16 at the “How to Thrive With Chronic Illness and Limited Energy” conference featured guest speaker Dr. Suleiman Furmli, the Chief Medical Officer of CareClinic. Chronic illnesses take a huge mental and physical toll on the 12.9% of Canadians who report two or more chronic diseases and 3.9% report 3+ chronic diseases.

DBT Diary Benefits and How To Use One

dbt diary

Dialectical behavioral therapy is often abbreviated as DBT. It is a treatment solution for those who need to regulate their emotions and mental health. It can help those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and depression as well. Along with others who might struggle dealing with strong emotions.…

Personal Health Record App and PHR Benefits

personal health record benefits

Looking after our health is something we all should consider. No one can maintain a perfect state of health at all times but, thanks to preventive care and timely treatments, we can improve our well-being. And, with the passing of time, we can gather a lot of information with regard to personal health.…

Therapeutic Journaling is Effective, See How it Can Help

therapeutic journaling

Writing in a journal is recommended to those who are dealing with negative emotions, having suffered from a traumatic event. When we write down our thoughts and feelings, we find it easier to recover from difficult experiences. The whole concept is known as therapeutic journaling and it guides you to reflect on things that have happened, identifying the best solutions for moving forward.…

No Smoking Tracker App to Help You Quit the Habit

No Smoking Tracker

Smoking is one of the worst habits in terms of the impact it takes on our health. It increasing the risk of circulatory problems and can lead to lung cancer. Thanks to the addictive effect of cigarettes and aggressive marketing, the tobacco industry flourishes.…