13 DPO and Pregnancy

13-DPO13 DPO. Are you wondering what is 13 DPO? Are you trying to conceive? Wish to know what could be done to make sure that you get pregnant sooner? Pregnancy is a beautiful dream for every woman like you. From the day that you learn you are pregnant you start to live in a world with lots of dreams filled with joy and expectations.…

Touch Therapy Through Weighted Blankets

Touch Therapy

This trending new product has been on the rise over the past few years. Did you know that weighted gravity blankets have been used for many years as therapeutic treatment for children and adults alike? The advantages of using this type of touch therapy have clearly captured the society’s interest.

Wellness Tracker App for Planning Your Daily Healthy Habits & Routine

wellness tracker app

Up to a certain point, stress can have a positive effect, allowing us to feel motivated in accomplishing daily tasks. However, when it becomes a permanent occurrence, it can affect both physical and mental health. Thus, it is essential to take a step back and implement lifestyle changes to help reduce stress.…