Create Healthy Lifestyle Changes with a Habit Tracker App

habit tracking

A healthy life is one based on good habits. However, the change process can be difficult and you might often feel tempted to quit, especially since you are not likely to see the progress right away. In order to succeed with your planned lifestyle changes, you might want to take advantage of modern technology and use a health app as a habit tracker.…

The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Medication Calendar

medication calendar

For the majority of the medical conditions out there – whether acute or chronic – medication represents the standard treatment. Treatment adherence is an important objective for physicians of various specialties, as it can guarantee the partial/complete relief from symptoms and the return to regular health.…

Treatment Tracker

Treatment Tracking Made for Everyone


Health Treatment Tracker 

CareClinic is a treatment tracker that can help manage any chronic condition or symptoms that one may be experiencing. CareClinic helps you take back control of your life. 

CareClinic comes with many built-in features to kickstart your needs for trackings symptoms, medication and your overall treatment.

Tracking Your Mental Health

There are many reasons for using a mental health tracker can be beneficial for your health and wellness. Psychological conditions require you to continually monitor your health to manage and improve it.

The CareClinic mental health tracker app now has the capability to track your mood, pain, depression, anxiety built right into the app.…

Chronic Illness Tracker – There’s an App for That!

Who Needs to Track their Conditions?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic illness you will know all the reasons as to why it is crucial to consistently track and monitor on-going conditions. 48% of the US population is currently suffering from one or more chronic conditions and it is only expected to rise for the foreseeable future (see chart below).…

Using a Mood Tracker to Optimize Your Mood

Mood tracking is used for improving your mental health. The process is simple, you record your mood at set times throughout the day and then look at the results to find “triggers”. Triggers are things that could be causing you to have anxiety, clinical depression or other mood-related disorders.…

Optimizing Your Health & Wellness with a Digital Health Diary

A health diary can be used to track anything related to health quickly. CareClinic is flexible enough to work as a health diary that can be used to track anything that is important to you or your family.

CareClinic’s health journal provides a rich interface where a user can share notes or write down anything related to their day-to-day health or chronic conditions in one place and view it at a later time on a calendar or combine the diary with other health concerns such as mood, depression, anxiety, stress, physical activity, sleep, medication and more.…


The CareTeam functionality is used for multiple reasons that can help patients and users keep everyone in a persons ‘circle of care’ informed and up to date.

People in your circle of care are responsible for collecting, using, disclosing or handling your personal health information.…