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If you are looking to use the CareClinic App internally at your organization, see our patient engagement solutions here.


We are a clinically studied App and have found support from state governments, health organizations and from the media.

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CareClinic Freemium App – Learn more about all functionality of the App here.

CareClinic Premium – is our paid version that provides users with additional unlimited capabilities. See the complete list here.



  • CareClinic is a freemium app, it is free to sign up and use for anyone on Android, iOS or the web
  • It is the most comprehensive and robust app for managing your health outside the clinical environment
  • Used primarily for mental health, chronic conditions and health goals, it is a complete all-in-one clinically studied platform
  • CareClinic can enable users to share their entire health with any care provider directly from within the app
  • The app is great to monitor symptoms post or pre-visitation so as to keep a log of how your treatment is progressing
  • The app is built with the user/patient in mind rather than being too clinically focused
  • The app has gone through over 500 iterations and continues to improve its UX/UI
  • The company has been backed by Canadian VC’s & Angels
  • It was built by founder and CEO, Akshay Khanna. A health and fitness enthusiast who believed that having all data for mental and physical health in one place was the key to improving outcomes. There wasn’t an app that took a scientific approach to helping users determine what was working and what wasn’t so he built it in 2018.



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  • Do not make false promises of the app
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Our most recent screenshots can be used from the App stores directly, which are also localized to 14 languages. Click here to see CareClinic in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You may also download the zip or PDF files of these and additional screenshots from our shared Google drive folder by clicking here


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